College Stress – Ways College Students Can Relieve Stress in a Healthy Manner

College life can be hard. The classes may be more demanding than high school and there are few familiar faces. This can build up stress and that stress can be channeled in destructive ways without a little thought and preparation.
Skip the Booze: Alcohol may seem like the perfect way to de-stress. It may seem like the best way to fit in. It might make someone feel like they are very adult because they can buy and drink it. It’s a bad idea. It can ruin your health, make it harder to study and pay attention in class and it’s a very easy way to get abused.
Talk to People: This may be difficult for some but easy for others. Talk to fellow classmates. Ask what they think of the class and the teacher. This can be the start of a friendship that will help you all the way through school, and perhaps into later life. You may be surprised that the people you talk to feel the same way you do.
Go to Events: Go to football and basketball games. Go to concerts. Get involved in campus social life. You’ll have to be careful, some at these events are more interested in negative things but you will remember watching the Big Game in the stadium for the rest of your life.
Exercise Class: Some colleges and universities require at least a few units in a sport or exercise class. Some don’t. Whether or not they require it an exercise class is a great way of dumping stress while making sure your body is in shape.
If you have doubts about handling your stress you may want to talk to one of the college counselors. They are trained to help you find positive ways to relieve stress as well as help with any academic struggles.

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