Top 5 Tips to Writing an Oxford Brookes Applied Accounting RAP Thesis

Writing a thesis, dissertation, HND/HNC Business assignments or an Oxford Brookes Applied accounting RAP thesis is not really the easiest of things for most ACCA students, and as a result, they usually go for help from education consultancy services. However such a professional help comes with a huge price. Either way, when it comes to writing an Oxford Brookes RAP thesis, there are a number of things that you must keep in mind. Here are the top five tips that you must follow when it comes to writing a RAP thesis, since not only will they help you in getting a better score, they will also get you more recognition!
– Never Ever Plagiarize
Perhaps the most obvious thing that cannot be overstated enough is the fact that you must never plagiarise any single part of your thesis. A plagiarized thesis is unethical and thus doom to fail. There are many online plagiarism tools that are being used to find out plagiarized content, and rest assured, if you have plagiarized, you will be caught and held responsible for it. Moreover, it is likely that you will be disqualified and your thesis is rejected. Hence, I believe it is clear that plagiarism can never be an option.
– Diversify your references
Taking 50 references from the same book and using them in your UK dissertations or UK thesis is not a very good thing. Always make sure that you use a variety of references from different areas to let the reader know that you have done your home work.
– Write in a proper format
The Oxford Brookes RAP thesis has a proper format that can be found online. People interested in writing this kind of thesis must follow the format if they are looking to get a higher mark.
– Don’t hesitate to get professional help
You can get help from other students, friends, or even teaching assistants and mentors affiliated with Oxford Brookes University who can give you more information and tips on how to create the perfect thesis. This will help you get important information about how to get the thesis done.

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